Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

Alt & Neo-Österreicher

De Long über die US-Krise und Neo-Österreicher auf Cato Unbound. Ein Ausschnitt:

So why does Larry White’s diagnosis of what is going on differ so much from mine? I think that what is going on is a characteristic weakness of the Austrian tradition: the baseline assumption that all evils must have their origin in some form of government misregulation. If government could be drowned in the bathtub, then an Eden in which people indulged in their natural propensity to truck, barter, and exchange would emerge. And this automatically rules out what I regard as the most likely and fruitful road to walk down to understand this financial crisis: the road that starts from investigating how human psychological limits lead to bad private-sector contract design that then magnifies psychological biases.

I am not happy with the state of such explanations — they seem to involve, at the moment, a great deal of handwaving. But in my judgment it is less handwaving than required to make the case that our current financial crisis is the result of our abandonment of a proper gold standard and our embrace of fractional-reserve banking and government-sponsored mortgage lending enterprises.

Gibt es in Östereich noch solche Österreicher wie Larry White?

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  1. Anonym01:17

    na ja. habe gehört die betreiben keine ökonomie sondern wertewirtschaft. werte sind bekanntlich ein knappes gut in österreich ;-)