Samstag, 13. Dezember 2008

die housing krise in den usa

Im Gegensatz zur weitverbreiteten Meinung ist die Häuserkrise nicht auf semi-staatliche Banken zurückzuführen und auf die Kreditvergabe an Minoritäten und Niedrigeinkommensbezieher.

Barry Ritholtz: Howard Husock has an exercise in cognitive dissonance in today’s NYT Op-Ed pages titled Housing Goals We Can’t Afford, and it begins:

“The national wave of home foreclosures, many concentrated in lower-income and minority neighborhoods, has created a strong temptation to find the villains responsible.”

(....) That statement is demonstrably false. As the prior post on foreclosures shows, the concentration is mostly middle class and upper middle class white suburban neighborhoods.

California leads the nation in foreclosures. The state’s foreclosure activity was up 51% from a year ago. These are not CRA communities, they are what were hoped to be surburban bedroom communities east of the major cities (San Diego and L.A.)

Next up is Florida; The state’s foreclosure activity was still up 68 percent from November 2007. The enormous overbuilding of Condos, and not CRA, is to blame. These weren’t inner city loans to minorities, ... they were "...highly amenitized condos ... (no subprime purchasers welcome there)” ...

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